Winter Practice Routine

Winter is arguably one of the best times to practice your golf game. Not all of it requires you to be outside or to even need a club. During the off season you have time to reflect on what you did well and poorly during the season that has just finished and you can then highlight you weak areas and start the create a plan.

This is my winter practice routine.

Due to the poor weather I haven’t been able to play as much as I would like. The winter rust has set in. I often find that if I have not played for a while some bad habits creep back in.  I am trying to stand slightly further away to give myself more room to turn through the shot. This stops me from trying to “rescue” the shot with my hands at impact.

I am also turning my head slightly to the right at address with the feeling of keeping my left eye behind the ball to help with this. This stops me from sliding into the ball.



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